Wright State University

Paul Laurence Dunbar Library


Wright State University June 16th, 2007

The AMTA proudly donated our fourth bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor to the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library at Wright State University. Pictured above are those who gave remarks at the event: (from left to right): Richard Dilbeck, Dawne Dewey, Kenneth MacTiernan, Howard DuFour, Virginia Hess and Fred Mirgle.

AMTA CFO Aaron Klippel, Howard DuFour & AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan

Dawne Dewey Head, Special Collections & Archives

Kenneth MacTiernan Director AMTA

Richard Dilbeck Aviation Safety Inspector, FAA

Fred Mirgle C.E.T. Department of Aviation Maintenance Science Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Virginia Hess Sculptor


Howard DuFour


The event was a wonderful success. Wright State University has a great collection in their archives full of all things related to Charles E. Taylor. The library there even has a replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer hanging in the atrium.

Our speakers remarked about the meaning of the donation of this beautiful bronze bust to the University. Our guest speaker, Howard Dufour, who is the author of the biography on Charles E. Taylor gave a heart warming speech about who Charles E. Taylor was and what his contributions to aviation were. There are many people who are determined to promote Charlie's place in aviation's history but no one more than Mr. DuFour deserves our sincerest thanks for his time, energy & passion in researching such a detailed retelling of a man who was almost forgotten by history.

Thanks to Howard DuFour's wonderful book on the "Father of Aircraft Maintenance" and Virginia Hess' heavenly talent in creating a life like bust of "Charlie" future generations will be able to read and see who aviation's original "Unsung Hero" was.

The AMTA would like to thank Wright State University for becoming a "home" for Charlie and for their generosity and support in making the June 16th, 2007 event a warm, wonderful event.

Rueben, Charles & Chase Taylor

Also in attendance were Rueben Taylor, Charles E. Taylor's grandson, Charles Taylor, Charles E. Taylor's great grandson and Chase Taylor, great, great grandson of Charles E. Taylor. Rueben and Charles spoke at event and thanked everyone involved in bringing the recognition that Charlie has earned and deserves.   

The AMTA also wishes to thank our speakers who helped put a clearer image onto the meaning of these busts and the man we are trying to bring over due recognition to.

Thanks to all those who attended this event and made Howard DuFour's dream come true.

Lastly, the AMTA wishes to thank those who made a financial donation towards the purchase of the bust. They are:

Mr. Kurt Kadel

Sandy Cravey

Mr. Berge Jermakian

The AMT Society

American Airlines J.F.K. AMTs

Mr. O.V. Delle-Femine

Bill & Linda Butler

Baker's School of Aeronautics


Some of the items on display from the Special Collections & Archives Department at Wright State University.