United States Air Force Academy

Captain Steven W. Barfield. 1st Group Cadet Chaplain

Brigadier General Dana H. Born, Dean of the Faculty

Unveiling the bust.

Charles E. Taylor

The beautiful, talented Artist Virginia Hess.

AMTA Director Ken MacTiernan.

Richard Dilbeck, aka "Dilly", and AMTA Director Ken MacTiernan

Virginia Hess and Ken MacTiernan.

AMTA CFO Aaron Klippel and AMTA Director Ken MacTiernan

Brigadier General Born, Don Videtich, Colonel David Lange, Bob Zimmerman, Ken MacTiernan

Floyd Patterson, Ken MacTiernan, Louie Key

Charles Taylor and Reuben Taylor


Brigadier General Dana H. Born, Dean of the Faculty

AMTA Director Ken MacTiernan

Bust of Charles E. Taylor

AMTA CFO Mr. Aaron Klippel, Artists Virginia Hess, AMTA Director Ken MacTiernan

Relatives of Charles E. Taylor- Charles Taylor, Colonel David Lange and Rueben Taylor

Artists Virginia Hess and Mr. Richard Dilbeck. Mr. Dilbeck is the creator of the AMT Day Resolutions.

Brigadier General Dana H. Born, Charles Taylor, Colonel David Lange, Ken MacTiernan, Rueben Taylor, Colonel Smierdendorf

Bust of Charles E. Taylor on the 3rd floor of the McDermott Library


On March 2nd, 2010 the United States Air Force Academy accepted a bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor from the AMTA. The unveiling ceremony was held on the third floor of the McDermott Library.

This special event was attended by both Members and Friends of the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association. Also in attendance were Rueben and Charles Taylor and of course the talented artist Virginia Hess who again created the bust of Charles E. Taylor. The Master of Ceremonies was Cadet 2nd Class Shannon Hart, CS-15. Cadet Hart did an outstanding job of having the flow of events run smooth and professional.

The Taylor Family donated an autographed book on the biography of Charles E. Taylor, written by Howard DuFour, with Peter Unitt, to the McDermott Library which will be placed in the Special Collections and Archives. The McDermott Library will purchase a second book which will be available to the Cadets and visitors of the McDermott Library.   

Cadet Hart started with opening remarks and this was followed by the Official Party Entrance. The Official Party consisted of AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan, Col. David Lange and Brigadier General Dana H. Born. This was followed by Honors and the National Anthem. An invocation was performed by Captain Steven W. Barfield, 1st Group Cadet Chaplain.

Guest Speakers were Mr. Kenneth MacTiernan, Director, AMTA and Brigadier General Dana H. Born, Dean of the Faculty. This was followed by the unveiling of the sculpture and closing remarks.

The AMTA is extremely grateful for the United States Air Force's interest and support in accepting this beautiful bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor. This bust donation is specially important because the USAFA is the only Institution where all three men who are responsible for the United States being able to claim the first in powered, controlled flight are together. The USAFA already had wonderful busts of Wilbur and Orville Wright on the 3rd floor of the McDermott Library but now they have the "Unsung Hero" who provided the power for the Wright Flyer! Cadets and visitors to the USAFA can now see and read about who Charles E. Taylor was and why his contributions are required to be recorded in the pages of aircraft history.

It was the utmost honor for the AMTA to be associated with the USAFA and our sincerest gratitude for a wonderful event in. This event would not have been possible without the generosity of the donors who helped make the purchase of this bust a reality.

The AMTA wishes to thank Brigadier General Dana H. Born, Chaplain Captain Steven W. Barfield, Col. David Lange, Mr. Paul Martin and Major Pat Rayner for their professionalism, patience and support in having Charles E. Taylor placed next to the Wright Brothers, whom Charlie referred to as "the boys". There were three men responsible for conquering the challenge of powered, controlled flight in a heavier than air machine. History tends to remind people of only two of these men but thanks to the USAFA, history can be reminded of the true facts!       

Donation Goal: $6000.00

Donations Made: $6050.00


Anonymous Donor: $500.00

Anonymous Donor: $500.00

John & Bernice Lange: $500.00

Dan Cunningham: $400.00

Aaron Klippel Family: $200.00

AMFA Local 9: $200.00

Bill & Linda Butler: $500.00

Relatives of Gilbert B. Taylor: $3200.00

McChord A.F.B. Knucklebuster Association on Behalf of General Marquez: $50.00