Texas Update




                    Greetings everyone. I want to let you all know that I met with Representative Tan Parker (R), District 63, of Flower Mound, TX. My daughter Danielle accompanied me on this visit and as you can see she is not camera shy. I asked if he would introduce a Texas AMT Day Resolution recognizing all of Texas' skilled AMTs. There is currently only a Texas proclamation recognizing Texas AMTs which was good for only the year it was signed in. By having Rep. Parker introduce a resolution Texas AMTs will be recognized each and every May 24th for their skills, professionalism and responsibilities.

                I also spoke with Representative Parker about assisting the AMTA in having the accomplishments of Charles E. Taylor added to the Texas school curriculum. The AMTA is not looking for chapters on Charlie added to the school history program but rather inserting the fact that he worked for the Wright brothers in their bicycle shop and he built the first aircraft engines thus enabling the Wright Glider to become the Wright Flyer. I am happy to say that Representative Tan Parker is more than happy and willing to move forward on both of these issues on behalf of the AMTA. I
                If you would like to lend your support in having aviation's original "Unsung Hero" put in the history books I would like to ask for you to send an e-mail with your name, contact information and the company you work for to Patricia Robinson, who is Mr. Parker's District Director. She may be reached at patricia.robinson@house.state.tx.us. Write to her and say that you support the AMTA's efforts in having aviation's first Aircraft Mechanic taught in Texas schools and appreciate Representative Parker's efforts in making this happen. This matter will take time but with your support we can make this happen. Thank you for your support in the AMTA. Sincerely, Kenneth MacTiernan Director AMTA