Southwest Airlines C.E.T. Bust Donation





The AMTA is proud to have donated another bronze bust of C.E.T. On May 21, 2009 at 9:00 AM, in Hangar 5 at Love Field Southwest Airlines  accepted a bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor to be displayed at their Dallas Love Field Headquarters. The ceremony for accepting this bust was limited to the Aircraft Maintenance Department.

There was a 737 with a decal of Charles E. Taylor's picture on the nose of the aircraft. This aircraft was used as a backdrop for the event and members of the Taylor Family were in attendance to help celebrate this donation. Rueben and Charles Taylor, Charles E. Taylor's Grandson and Great Grandson respectively, along with their wives Emily and Kathleen Taylor were honored and both gave short speeches.

Colleen Barrett helped celebrate the knowledge, skill and integrity that all SWA AMTs possess. This particular bust is one more way that Southwest Airlines recognizes the importance of what their AMTs provide not only for Southwest Airlines but also for the industry.  

As with the other bronze busts of aviation's original "Unsung Hero" this bust was created by the talented Virginia Hess. It is with great pleasure that the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association was able to increase the knowledge of not only what "Charlie" did for aviation and the world, but also of the proud, skilled AMTs at Southwest Airlines.

The donation of this beautiful bust will help educate the public of the knowledge, skill & integrity that each and every Southwest Airlines AMT possesses in order to carry the great responsibility of providing safe, airworthy aircraft. The AMTA wishes to thank Mr. Jim Sokol for his support in recognizing SWA AMTs by accepting this bronze bust of the first aircraft mechanic. The AMTA also wishes to thank Gary, Herb and Colleen for having AMTs that constantly set the standard for which the AMT craft & profession is measured by.

Below are pictures taken during the acceptance of this bust. I wish to once again thank the many people who donated and supported the AMTA's efforts in making this event a reality.  Many special thanks go to Mr. Gordon Guillory, Mr. Michael C. Huckstep and AMFA Local 11.


All photos courtesy of Russ Cannon.

Thanks Russ!


Emily and Rueben Taylor (LH) Kathleen and Charles Taylor (RH)

Taylor Family with Russ Cannon



Rueben and Charles Taylor

Jim Sokol speaking.

Charles Taylor speaking.

Rueben Taylor speaking.




The AMTA wishes to make a special thanks to the following SWA AMFA Local 11 AMTs for their hard work in organizing and holding the "Burger-Burn & Raffle" held at Love Field in order to help raise money for this bust of Charles E. Taylor. Due to their energy and support for recognizing SWA AMTs, for the industry leading professionals that they are, they were able to raise $1280.00! Thank you for your support and thanks for everyone who bought a burger and/or raffle!

Mr. Dave Carney  Mr. Allan Christy  Mr. Gordon Guillory  Mr. Ronnie Hobbs

Mr. John Morrison  Mr. Tally Rios

Mr. Joe Bob Rodriguez  Mr. John Tennison Mr. Michael C. Huckstep


Donation Goal: $6000.00

Donations Made: $6000.00


Mrs. Maribell MacTiernan SWA CSA: $25.00

Mr. Greg Pogue SWA AMT: $25.00

Mr. Thomas Wiggins SWA AMT: $25.00

Mr. Gary Phariss SWA AMT: $25.00

Mr. Kevin Westman SWA AMT: $25.00

Mr. Carlos Ramos SWA AMT: $25.00

Mr. Ken Karnes SWA AMT: $50.00

Mr. Ken Skinner SWA AMT: $50.00

Mr. John Paonessa SWA AMT: $50.00

Mr. Bill Darnell SWA AMT: $50.00

Mr. Michael C. Huckstep SWA AMT: $100.00

Ms. Colleen Barrett: $100.00

Mr. Herb Kelleher: $100.00

Mr. John Madrid SWA AMT: $100.00

Mr. Mike Van de Ven: $100.00

Mr. Jim Sokol: $100.00

Mr. Robert Wooster SWA AMT: $100.00

Mr. Dan Lloyd SWA AMT: $100.00

Mr. Tony Lowery: $100.00

Mr. Manyin Yee SWA AMT: $100.00

Mr. Joe Thompson SWA AMT: $100.00

Art Voss SWA AMT: $100.00

Mr. Steve MacFarlane AMFA National Director: $150.00

Mr. Gary Kelly: $150.00

AMFA Local 18: $300.00

Donations received from AMFA Local 11 "Burger-Burn & Raffle": $1280.00

AMFA Local 11: $1280.00

Charles Taylor: $1290.00