Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association


Overdue Recognition

Charles E. Taylor

1868 - 1956

Aviation's "Unsung Hero"

           The AMTA event on December 18th, 2005 at the San Diego Aerospace Museum was a huge success! Thanks to all who attended. The AMTA wishes to especially thank three "Charles E. Taylor Master Mechanic Award" recipients, Richard Weeks, Tom Hendershot and Richard Hankins for attending and being recognized for their outstanding contributions to aviation. These three men would make Charles E. Taylor proud!

The donation of a bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor is a big step in informing future visitors to this world class museum about the "Father of Aircraft Maintenance". Artist Virginia Krause-Hess has captured the very image of the man who started a proud profession. Looking at the bust seems as if Mr. Taylor will stretch his arm out and shake your hand.

Howard DuFour gave a wonderful speech on Charles E. Taylor. Mr. DuFour spoke of not only Charlie's contributions to aviation and the United States of America but also of Charles E. Taylor the man. The similarities between Mr. Taylor and Mr. DuFour were very surprising and fascinating. Thanks to Howard's love of aviation and his dedication to making sure that Charles E. Taylor is remembered guests at the AMTA event have a better knowledge and appreciation for a man and profession that deserves to be remembered , recognized and respected.    

The catering was done by Peartrees Catering, Inc. and the food was first rate. The event took place from 5:00 PM till 8:00 PM and many guests were able to purchase the informative biography on Charles E. Taylor and have the book autographed by Mr. DuFour.

If you have any questions about this event or future events the AMTA is planning contact me at or at (619) 395-6681.


The AMTA would like to give a special thanks to the SDAM Special Events Director Melissa Paris and SDAM Director of Restoration Tony Beres. This event could not have been possible if not for the unending support of the AMTA's CFO Aaron Klippel who was the man behind the scenes making sure things ran smooth and Lawrance Costanza for his steadfast support to the AMTA and the AMT profession. Thank you gentlemen! Rhonda Hatley is given great thanks for greeting visitors and assisting in people purchasing the book on Charles E. Taylor. Also recognition should be given to Richard Dilbeck of the F.A.A.'s FSDO in Sacramento. Mr. Dilbeck's drive to have California pass the first Resolution making May 24th of each year Aviation Maintenance Technician Day is the reason the AMTA was created; to spread the word about a proud, skilled profession that was started by a man that will NOT be forgotten... Charles E. Taylor.


SDAM December 18th, 2005

San Diego Aerospace Museum Director of Restoration Tony Peres Accepts Bronze Bust Of Charles E. Taylor From AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan

Opening comments by AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan.

Artist Virginia Krause- Hess speaking about her passion and inspiration in creating the beautiful, lifelike bust of Aviation's "Unsung Hero", Charles E. Taylor.

AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan introducing author Howard DuFour.

Artist Virginia Krause- Hess and AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan unveil the lifelike bust of Aviation's original "Unsung Hero".

AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan introduces author Howard DuFour.

Author Howard DuFour speaks about Charles E. Taylor. Mr. DuFour explained much more than just Charlie's building of the first aircraft engines by hand. He spoke about a man who deserves an entire industry's respect and acknowledgement.

Bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor. The man who provided the power for the first powered, controlled flight by man.

Dick Weeks (Ret. AA AMT) and Dick Hankins, an AA AMT in Kansas City, who are both Charles E. Taylor Master Mechanic Award recipients attended the event. Tom Hendershot of Frontier Airlines, who is also a Charles E. Taylor Master Mechanic Award recipient, attended. These three men are the very epitome of what Charlie stood for in a proud craft & profession.

AMTA guests arriving at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

Catering was provided by Peartree catering. The food and service helped highlight a memorable evening.

AMTA Member Chuck Schalk and AA AMT (LH), Director Ken MacTiernan (CTR), and AA AMT Ray Lee (RH).

Dick Hankins, AA AMT & Charles E. Taylor Master Mechanic Award recipient (LH), Author Howard DuFour, Artist Virginia Krause- Hess and AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan.

AMTA Members Elora and Joe Gonzalez, an AA AMT, with Tom McDonald, an AA Wask Rack Crew Chief enjoy the speech by Howard DuFour.

Event guests and AMTA Members meeting each other and enjoying the world class San Diego Aerospace Museum.

Fred Hess, Artist Virginia Krause- Hess talk with F.A.A. Inspector Fred Christlieb of the F.A.A.'s San Diego FSDO.

Event guests arriving and introducing themselves to each other.

Author Howard DuFour with Maribell MacTiernan.

Howard DuFour speaking with James Monahan, an AA AMT. Virginia Krause- Hess is in the background speaking with F.A.A. Aviation Safety Program Manager Airworthiness, and AMTA Member Richard Dilbeck.

Retired AA AMTs John Phifer (LH), Jim Annunziata (CTR) and Bob Garrett (RH) talk about their careers as AMTs and the significance of Charles E. Taylor in aviation's history.

John Ruiz, LAX AA AMT (LH), Howard DuFour (CTR), and Chuck Schalk, JFK AA AMT (RH).

AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan and retired SAN AA AMT Chris Nolan.

AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan and AMTA Member Phil Mases, an LAX AA AMT.

AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan and AMT Magazine representative and contributing writer Steve Prentice.

AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan, Richard Dilbeck, Steve Prentice, Virginia Krause- Hess and Kris Mason. Mr. Dilbeck was instrumental in having California pass the first resolution recognizing May 24th of each year as Aviation Maintenance Technician Day in honor of Charles E. Taylor's birthday. Mr. Dilbeck was also the inspiration in why the AMTA was created.

AMTA Members and guests listen to Howard DuFour speak about Charles E. Taylor's life.

Richard Dilbeck, F.A.A. Aviation Safety Program Manager Airworthiness and AMTA Member (LH), TWU International Representative Don Videtich (CTR), and AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan (RH) stand in front of the Museum's Wright Flyer exhibit.

National City, CA Girl Scout Troop 5075. These young women were earning part of their Aeronautic Badge by learning about the "Father of Aircraft Maintenance" at the AMTA sponsored event.

Artist Virginia Krause- Hess and AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan.

Artists Virginia Krause- Hess (LH), George Sayner, a SAN AA AMT and AMTA Member (CTR), and Fred Hess (RH).

Guests and AMTA Members commenting on the evenings events. Frank Krznaric, a SAN AA AMT is talking with AMTA Director Kenneth MacTiernan.

The AMTA would like to ask that if anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer at the San Diego Aerospace Museum to help restore aviation's history to please contact Tony Beres, Director of Restoration, at (619) 234- 4526; ext. 41. Or they may e-mail him at