Remembering Our Own


The Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association:

"Remember The Past - Think Of The Future"



The above motto of the AMTA speaks of the basic premise for the goals that the AMTA has set forth to accomplish. But this motto is more than words, there is meaning behind it. Because to think of the future we must remember our past, and vice versa.

But since we live in the "today" we should also "remember our own"; those who we work with day to day, side by side. But since we live in the "today" there are times when those whom we call fellow AMTs, fellow Craftsmen and friends are taken from us early in life. It is these men and women whom we call friends that help comprise the core of our craft and help epitomize the very foundation of what an AMT is.

In order to help us "remember our own" the AMTA is dedicating this page to do just that. Although we are saddened at our professional and personal lose we must also remember these men and women for what they brought to our profession and our lives and made us part of a brotherhood of professionals. Because of their laughter, love and friendship they also helped make us who we are. Because when we remember we never forget.

The links below are dedicated to these proud men and women- our friends.


Stephen A. Stephens 1953 - 2008