Faces Behind Safety Race Aircraft

    Many aspects of aircraft maintenance are taken for granted by the public. People see all different shapes and sizes of aircraft flying overhead or on the television. But who keeps these marvels of engineering in the air safely? The answer is simple. It is the skilled Aircraft Maintenance Technician or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The difference in title denotes the location of these skilled men and women. The United States uses the term AMT and Europe, and most of the world, use the term AME. But that is where the differences end. For all men and women who maintain today's fleet of aircraft are skilled professionals. A very good example of this skill is shown in the photos below.

Ever wonder about racing aircraft? Where are they maintained? Who maintains them? Why do they maintain them? Well, wonder no more. For the knowledge, skill & integrity that the AMTs in the following photos possess is earned and taught to future generations of men and women who are aviation's "Faces Behind Safety".


The Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association wishes to thank American Airlines AMT Dave Mooney for providing the above photos of the Rare Bear and the skilled AMTs who helped provide the knowledge, skill & integrity needed to make the "Bear" airworthy. These men, and others like them who provided the same responsibilities for the other aircraft at the Reno Air Races 2003, deserve the public's respect and recognition. These men are the "Faces Behind Safety" but they are also raising the standards by which future generations of AMTs and AMEs will measure themselves by.