Pictures of the bronze bust that will be purchased by the AMTA. These photos were taken at Embry-Riddle University on May 24th, 2005. Present were the talented artist Virginia Hess, Charles Taylor, Howard DuFour and Fred Mirgle. This highly detailed bust will be a great addition to all the Aerospace Museums that the AMTA plans on donating to.

Donation Goal: $6000.00

Donations Raised: $3789.00

(Donations can be made by clicking the PayPal donation link on the AMTA Membership Page.)

The Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association would like to thank the following people for their generosity:

AMTA Member Joe Price:  AA AMT  $100.00 Donation

AMTA Members John & Connie Fogarty: $25.00 Donation

AMTA Member Jack DeSoye: $100.00 Donation

Anonymous AMTA Member: $500.00

AMFA National Director O. V. Delle-Femine: $500.00

FAA Inspector Rick Browning: $20.00

AMFA National Treasurer Douglas A. Butz: $100.00

Charles Taylor, Great-Grandson of Charles E. Taylor: $100.00

AMTA Member Christopher L. Lynn: $20.00

Transport Workers Union of America: $1000.00

Transport Workers Union Local 564: $564.00

AMTA Member Richard Turk: $100.00

AMTA CFO Aaron Klippel: $100.00

AMTA Members Dennis & Sam Hayes: $100.00

AMTA Member Mark Rasco: $400.00

National City, CA Girl Scout Troop 5075: $60.00

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