Faces Behind Safety General Aviation

Annual Inspection

Steve Tumlin takes a break during an Annual Inspection on a 58P Beech aircraft.

Annual Inspection

Steve Tumlin performing part of an Annual Inspection that will take up to 30 man hours.

Annual Inspection

Mike Cabin inspects the left engine of a 58P Beech aircraft.

Annual Inspection

Lyle Richards (LH) and Jeff Runyon perform an Annual Inspection on a Socata TB 20 which will require approximately 25 man hours.


Don Darde repairs a Nav. Comm. unit that will be installed on a Cessna 172.



Don Darde sits at his test bench where he overhauls and repairs electronic and avionic equipment used on today's general aviation aircraft.

Remote Access

An access panel on the tail of a 58P Beech aircraft is removed to help facilitate inspection and repair of any components that require attention.

Beech Cockpit

Seats from the cockpit are removed to help AMTs perform a more detailed inspection during an Annual Inspection.

Professional Care

During an Annual Inspection this 58P Beech aircraft is looked at from top to bottom, front and back, to ensure it's return to airworthy flight.

Loving care

Front view of a 58P Beech.

Annual Inspection

A Socata TB 20 awaits parts during an Annual Inspection.

Easy Access

A Socata TB 20's engine is opened up to reveal any discrpencies skilled AMTs will need to repair before it is released for futher flight.

Annual Inspection

Knowledge and skill enable the AMTs inspecting this Socata TB 20 to find and repair what needs to be done so yet another aircraft can fly safe.

Here's Looking At You

Front view of a Socata TB 20 aircraft undergoing an Annual Inspection.

Up In The Air... Sort Of

A Socata TB 20 aircraft sits on jacks during an Annual Inspection.

Home Of Professionals

Gibbs Flying Service is home to just some of the professional Aircraft Maintenance Technicians that help ensure general aviation aircraft are maintained in safe, airworthy condition.


Today's general aviation Aircraft Maintenance Technicians are the "Faces Behind Safety" in today's aviation maintenance industry.

The Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association would like to thank Gibbs Flying Service AMTs for their warm hospitality. The men pictured above each have a minimum of 25 years of experience as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician. It is the knowledge, skill & integrity that these men possess that enables the general aviation aircraft of today to maintain a safe, airworthy fleet. There is no difference from the men and women that maintain single/dual engine general aviation aircraft, single/dual engine military aircraft or single/dual/multi engine commercial aircraft. These AMTs utilize the same basic principles that have been handed down thru 100 years of aviation maintenance... passion for doing a professional job for a career that demands a great responsibility. That responsibility is safe, airworthy aircraft.

The Aircraft Maintenance Technicians at Gibbs Flying Service are the true "Faces Behind Safety"!