The following information is about one of aviation's unknown heroes. There have been many men and women who have had a positive influence on the craft and profession of Aircraft Technicians. The community of aircraft maintenance is large and diverse, but all are equally important. One of these sections of aircraft maintenance is that within the military. Military aircraft do not fly themselves, it takes a lot of things to happen for our military to have safe, airworthy aircraft which help to provide our freedom. Having skilled maintainers allows the military to have the aircraft that they need when they need them. These skilled professionals look only to complete their responsibilities with the utmost integrity. History has forgotten their names. The AMTA will try and remember them.


Lieutenant General Leo Marquez (Ret.)


Lt. General Leo Marquez concluded a 33 year Air Force career in 1987 as Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics and Engineering, Headquarters, U.S. Air Force. He spent over twenty-five years in aircraft maintenance, supply, transportation and program management. General Marquez served in Command and Staff positions in the Air Defense Command, Tactical Air Command, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Air Force Logistics Command and Headquarters Air Force. He commanded an Organizational Maintenance Squadron at McChord AFB, WA supporting F-106 aircraft and also commanded the Ogden Air Logistics Center, which was responsible for the worldwide support of the F-4 and F-16 aircraft, as well as all the ballistic missiles, flight simulators and conventional munitions. Upon his retirement, the Air Force named the annual awards given to the top aircraft/munitions/comm.-electronics maintainers after Lt. Gen. Marquez as tribute to his many contributions to the maintenance profession.

Lt. Gen. Leo Marquez is affectionately known as the "Godfather" of maintenance. He earned this title by raising the bar for the maintainers and making them more than just another occupational specialty. He improved their efficiency, effectiveness and made them a profession worthy of respect in the United States Air Force.

Since retirement he has served as a Corporate Vice-President of an environmental engineering company, as Board Chairman and CEO of an aerospace company specializing in the design and manufacture of noise attenuation devises for jet aircraft. He is currently CEO of his own consulting company specializing in Airlines and Defense matters. In that capacity, he led the team that re-certified Valuejet Airline after the airline was grounded by the FAA following the disastrous crash in the Florida swamp in 1996. He served as the Vice President for Technical Operations at World Airways in Herndon, VA for one year to improve their world-wide operations. He is also COO and President of Kinetic Lubricants, Inc., a start-up company that manufactures and distributes a superior oil additive.

General Marquez is married to the former Stella Alvarez from Las Cruces, NM. They have five children and three granddaughters.


Lt. Gen. Leo Marquez one of aviation's many "Faces Behind Safety"

Skilled - Proud - Professional

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