Faces Behind Safety

This page will be dedicated to show to the public who exactly the men and women are that epitomize the knowledge, skill & integrity of today's AMT. Today's skilled AMTs are a critical component in the aerospace industry. The training and responsibilities that these professionals must possess are found every time maintenance is needed. The entire aerospace industry from private, commercial, military, police & government have a need for these professionals. And this page will highlight those who are truly the "FACES BEHIND SAFETY".

Private Aviation

AMTs who are moving their profession into the next generation of aircraft.

Scaled Composite Team

SpaceShipOne and White Knight with Scaled Composite employees. The success of Scaled Composite's October 4, 2004 journey into a new generation of flight included more than the skill, knowledge & integrity of the professional AMT. These AMTs could not help accomplish this milestone in aviation's history without the spirit, team work and vision of others. Pictured here are those who helped make Burt Rutan's vision a reality. They are Ground Support Crew, Maintenance Technicians, Pilots and Engineers. The AMTA salutes these Faces Behind Safety!


If you know of an individual or group of individuals who you feel continuously uphold and further the standard of the skilled AMT contact the AMTA Director, Kenneth MacTiernan, at KenMacTiernan@yahoo.com.          






 AmericaWest AMTs




U. S. Border Patrol

  General Aviation

Recreational Flying Maintenance

S.D.P.D. Aviation Wing AMTs

Corporate Aviation: Midcoast Aviation

Corporate Aviation: Banyan Air Service

New York State Police

Race Aircraft "Rare Bear"

Commander Aero