Craft & Profession Recognition



Charles E. Taylor

   "Aviation's Original Unsung Hero"

The Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association is happy to announce that we will now be accepting donations to purchase a bronze bust of Charles E. Taylor that will be donated to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum along with an agency that promotes and supports the craft & profession of today's skilled Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.

This bust of "The Father of Aircraft Maintenance" will be created again by the very talented artist Virginia Hess. With each bronze bust of "Charlie" that the AMTA is able to donate the contributions that he made to aviation will be presented to an ever growing number of people. Remembering the AMT's past and thinking of it's future is one of the goals of the AMTA. By remembering where the AMT craft & profession started enables us to remember the many thousands of men and women who have followed in Mr. Taylor's footsteps.

It is because of these men and women, who will always be the "Faces Behind Safety", that standards by which we hold our craft & profession to are constantly raised. Your support will help raise the public's awareness of the knowledge, skill & integrity of all AMTs who provide safe, airworthy aircraft throughout the aircraft maintenance profession.

As with previous busts this bust will cost $6000.00 and will be purchased with funds made through donations and memberships to the AMTA. Donations and AMTA Memberships may be made through the PayPal link below. Or donations may be sent directly to AMTA, 325 East "J" Street, Chula Vista CA 91910. Please specify that your donation is for the "Craft & Profession" bust.  

If there are any questions please contact me at With YOUR support Charles E. Taylor will no longer be remembered as aviation's original "Unsung Hero" but rather remembered in the same breath as that used when mentioning other aviation icons.

Donation Goal: $6000.00

Donations Made: $3775.00


Transport Workers Union: $2000.00

O.V. Delle-Femine: $250.00

John & Rita Ann Dunbar: $100.00

Mark Taylor: $50.00

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Dahlke: $25.00

Berge & Virginia Jermakian: $50.00 

Joseph & Julie Klemowicz: $35.00

Mr. & Mrs. Kelly: $30.00

Mr. Harry Shaw: $50.00

Mr. & Mrs. Mulligan: $25.00

Regina Moons: $25.00

Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Mishak: $200.00

Baker's School of Aeronautics: $500.00

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Davis: $100.00

Mr. Ray E. Dietrich: $35.00

D.O.M. Magazine: $300.00