AMT Day Celebration 2007

There were many celebrations on May 24th, 2006 that celebrated the significance of the contributions that Charles E. Taylor made to aviation and to today's skilled AMTs.

Below are pictures and documents that show these celebrations which recognize the skilled craftsmen that maintain today's aircraft from across the industry. If you have a photo or document you wish to have added to the AMTA web site please contact us.

Banyan Air Service


Banyan Air Service was proud to participate in Aviation Maintenance Technician Day on May 24th, 2007. Banyan's avionics and maintenance technicians were treated to a special luncheon.


Southwest Airlines

Above Is An Add Taken Out By Southwest Airlines In Their On Board Magazine Called SPIRIT In The May 2007 Issue. This Add Proudly Thanks The 1500 Southwest Airline AMTs, And The Other AMTs Around The World For Keeping Taylor's Mission Strong!


American Airlines

Above is a letter from American Airlines CEO Gerard Arpey. This letter commemorates Charles E. Taylor and all of American Airlines AMTs In The June 2007 Issue Of American Way Magazine.

American Airlines presented the Flight Crews of all the departing flights on May 24th, 2007 with the choice of three announcements they could make to the passengers informing them about AMT Day. They were:

1- Good morning {afternoon} ladies and gentlemen. This is a message the flight deck to let all of you know that this is a special day in aviation. Today, the 24th of May, is AMT Day, a day to recognize and to celebrate the men and women who, as aviation maintenance technicians, keep our airplanes safe to operate. Working 24/7 behind the scenes, they ensure that you our customers, and our Flight Attendants, and the pilots have airworthy airplanes. They check, they inspect, they replace, they fix, they make certain that you and I can relax and enjoy our flights. They are highly trained experts who take great pride in their profession. I thank them for a job well done, and I thank you for flying American Airlines.

2- Good morning {afternoon} ladies and gentlemen. This is Captain {First Officer} _______. First Officer {Captain} _______ and I thank you for flying with us today. We also want to take this opportunity to let you know that today, the 24th of May, is AMT Day. AMT is Aviation Maintenance Technician. These are the men and women who work behind the scenes 24/7 to make certain that you and I have safe airplanes for our flights. These highly trained professionals look after our aircraft. Without them, there would be no American Airlines or any other airline. They are essential to our operation, and it is appropriate that on this day each year we remember and recognize their contributions to the airline and to air safety.

3- Good morning {afternoon} ladies and gentlemen. Today is a special day, an important one in aviation. May 24th is AMT Day. What is an AMT? An Aviation Maintenance Technician. Each year on this day, we acknowledge and say thank you to an essential group of men and women in the airline industry and specifically American Airlines. These are the professionals who ensure that you and I have safe airplanes to fly. They work tirelessly around the clock maintaining our aircraft. Each of our airplanes receives literally thousands of hours of hands-on care by these highly trained technicians. these are the folks pilots turn to when we have questions about the intricacies of these highly sophisticated airplanes. We thank our AMTs, and we thank you for flying with us today.


Goodrich Aviation

   Above is a notice Goodrich Aviation Technical Services in Washington State posted to inform their AMTs about AMT Day. Goodrich was proud to recognize their AMTs for their dedication and hard work.


Baker's School Of Aeronautics

Above are photos from the Baker's School of Aeronautics in Nashville Tennessee on May 24th, 2007.

The top left photo is Cindy Baker Collier calling out winners of the many door prizes that are seen on the table.

Top Center Photo is Grill Master Edie Baker and his assistant, Kay Bradley, Manager of Homestead Studio Suites. Extended Stay America's General Manager was also assisting and donated free night Stays At Any Of Their National Hotel Chains As Door Prizes. They Also Brought 12 Dozen Fresh Baked Cookies For All To Enjoy!

Top Right Photo Is 2007 Tennessee AMT Of The Year , Nolan Cole, 2002 Tennessee AMT Of The Year, Conrad Scott, 2006 National AMT Of The Year, Joe Hawkins, Nashville FSDO Aviation Safety Inspector For Airworthiness/Avionics, Paul Jones And Tennessee's 2005 AMT Of The Year, Mike Eason.         

Bottom Left Photo Is A Blue Grass Band That entertained AMTs and Friends while they celebrated and honored all Aviation Maintenance Technicians on Charles E. Taylor's birthday.

Bottom Right Photo Is Baker's School Of aeronautics President Jennifer Baker and All The AMT Winners.

Thanks to Jennifer Baker and the Baker's School of Aeronautics the "Father of Aviation Maintenance" is being remembered for his rightful place in Aviation's history.  Approximately 125 People Attended This Years Event. Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Chicken And Yes, Grilled Bologna Were Enjoyed By All. AMTs From All Around The Nashville Area Attended, Including Steven's Aviation, Flight Express, Gaylord Enterprises, Middle Tennessee State University, Tennessee Technology Center, The Tennessee Department Of Transportation And Many Out Of State Students Currently Attending Baker's School Of Aeronautics. 


Delta Airlines

Above photos are from Delta Airlines' AMT Day Celebration May 24th, 2007.

Grills and spatulas replaced drills and engine parts on May 24th, 2007 as Delta Airlines' Technical Operations employees feasted during the annual observance of Aviation Maintenance Technician's Day. Tony Charaf, SVP- TechOps., and other TechOps. leaders donned their aprons and each line station had special celebrations with their leadership teams flipping burgers and serving food on all three shifts.

"It's simple and it's certainly not as much as we'd like to do, but we felt it was important to stop, celebrate this national acknowledgement of the work you do every day, and say thanks to each and every TechOps. employee." , Tony Charaf Said.

The observance of AMT Day commemorates the birthday of Charles Taylor, who built the engine for Orvill and Wilbur Wright's first flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903. He is honored in the industry as the first AMT.

"It's no secret that Delta TechOps. has come a long way during the last couple of years, and it would be a gross understatement to say that we've had some challenging times." Tony said. "The success we're all experiencing today is a direct result of your sacrifices as well as your dedication and commitment to this airline and to our customers. The quality and professionalism of the TechOps. people are second to none."