I would like to wish everyone a happy AMT Day for 2010! I will be posting photos of the different celebrations from across the industry as I receive them so please visit the AMTA web sight, WWW.AMTAUSA.COM, over the course of the next few weeks or so. Events will range from big to small across the country. There will be some companies/organizations that might not be celebrating AMT Day this year because they simply might not be aware of it. But that is okay because these companies can be informed by the celebrations taking place this year and next year AMT Day will be even bigger!
                If your place of work is recognizing AMT Day 2010 please send me photos and information so I may show others the growing respect for our proud, skilled craft & profession.  For more than 100 years of aviation one thing has remained constant and that has been the ever increasing standard that the AMT profession holds itself to.
                I would like to thank those from across our industry in recognizing just some of the men and women that are the true "Faces Behind Safety" in aircraft maintenance. I also wish to thank all of you for your support in the AMTA which is enabling the AMTA to achieve our goal of placing Charles E. Taylor back into his rightful place in history and the thousands of skilled AMTs that have followed in his footsteps. I wish you all a very happy AMT Day 2010 and a happy Memorial Day weekend!     Sincerely, Kenneth MacTiernan Director AMTA



The above pictures were taken at the General Dynamics Las Vegas maintenance facility. Helping to recognize this day was the AMTSociety. AMTs from Harrah's Entertainment joined their fellow craftsmen at GD for food and refreshments. Thanks to General Dynamics for sponsoring this event.



   The above pictures were taken at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance's Atlanta Campus. Thanks to Glen Stinson for helping to organize this event.Besides enjoying food and drinks the students and faculty had competition for who can fly a paper aircraft through rings, etc. This was also another way of having the AIM Atlanta Campus recognize the team that competed in the AMTSociety's Maintenance Skills Competition this past March in Las Vegas. The Atlanta team took 1st Place in the School Category. 



The above pictures were taken at AAR's overhaul facility in Indianapolis. Management cooked for all employess and this was the fifth year in a row that AAR celebrated receiving the FAA's Diamond Award!




Baker's School of Aeronautics


The above pictures were taken at the Baker's School of Aeronautics in Tennessee. This is the 6th year that Jennifer Baker has celebrated AMT Day and each year the celebration grows. It is because of people like Jennifer Baker that Charles E. Taylor and AMT Day are being recognized by a growing number of aviation companies and aviation enthusiasts across the country. Thank you Jennifer!

Jennifer Baker and her wonderful school again had a Blue Grass Band, the local FAA FSDO and local businesses celebrate AMT Day. Jennifer's school was also the location where the AMTSociety raffled off a 27" top and bottom roll away tool box sponsored by Kennedy Tool Boxes. The tool box was won by William Powell of IN.