AMT Day 2008


                I would like to wish everyone a happy AMT Day for 2008! With the recent passing of the Congressional National AMT Day Resolution, HRES #444, the over due recognition that Charles E. Taylor and today's AMTs deserve is gaining momentum. I will be posting photos of the different celebrations from across the industry as I receive them so please visit the AMTA web sight, WWW.AMTAUSA.COM, over the course of the next week or so. Events will range from big to small across the country. There will be some companies/organizations that might not be celebrating AMT Day this year because they simply might not be aware of it. But that is okay because these companies can be informed by the celebrations taking place this year and next year AMT Day will be even bigger!
                If your place of work is recognizing AMT Day 2008 please send me photos and information so I may show others the growing respect for our proud, skilled craft & profession. As an example, today at the DFW Airport, in Hangar 4, American Airlines held a small ceremony to "kick-off" AMT Day for 2008. This event was highlighted by having Mr. Ken Durst, AA Line Maintenance Director for the SW Region, Mr. Danny Martinez, AA VP Line Maintenance, Mr. Bob Redding, AA Executive VP Operations and Mr. Keith Stewart, President of TWU Union Local 565 speaking about aviation's original "Unsung Hero" and the thousands of skilled AMTs throughout AA's system. There was a copy of HRES #444 along with a bronze bust of "Charlie". A B777 was in the background which was pointed at several times to indicate how far our craft & profession has come from the first days of powered, controlled flight. For more than 100 years of aviation one thing has remained constant and that has been the ever increasing standard that the AMT profession holds itself to. Cake and water were served for the AMTs, Instructors and staff that attended the ceremony. Pizza will be delivered covering all three shifts for the AMTs scheduled to work today and tonight.
                I would like to thank American Airlines and TWU local 565 for their support in recognizing just some of the men and women that are the true "Faces Behind Safety" in aircraft maintenance. I also wish to thank all of you for your support in the AMTA which is enabling the AMTA to achieve our goal of placing Charles E. Taylor back into his rightful place in history and the thousands of skilled AMTs that have followed in his footsteps. Photos from other celebrations across the country will be posted as I receive them. I wish you all a very happy AMT Day 2008 and a happy Memorial Day weekend!     Sincerely, Kenneth MacTiernan Director AMTA




American Airlines

DFW Hangar 4

Ken Durst speaking about AA AMTs.

Keith Stewart talking about Charles E. Taylor.

Attendees celebrating AMT Day.

Danny Martinez speaking about AMT Day.

Bob Reding speaking about AA AMTs.

Danny Martinez, Bob Reding, Keith Stewart, Ken MacTiernan, Ken Durst


HRES #444

AA DFW Hangar 4


American Airlines


American Airlines' overhaul facility in Kansas City, MO held their AMT Day celebration in the hangar cafeteria and was open to all AMTs and Master Mechanic Award recipients. MCI AMT Larry Turpin was presented with his C.E.T. Master Mechanic Award recognizing his career and contributions to the AMT craft & profession.


Willard Harper from the FAA presenting Larry Turpin his C.E.T. Master Mechanic Award.

Dick Hankins, who is a recipient of the C.E.T. Master Mechanic Award, with Larry Turpin and "Charlie".

Larry Turpin talking to guests at event where he received the FAA Charles E. Taylor Master Mechanic Award.

Dan Teters (Manager), Larry Turpin and Rick Tasetano (MCI TWU VP)

Carolyn Burton, Chair of the WIAA in KC, presents Mary Feik with a model of an AA jet.

Mary Feik

Mary Feik was a Keynote speaker at the AA MCI AMT Day celebration. Mary was the first female mechanic to receive the Master Mechanic Award. She has a long list of credentials- one of which was she overhauled her first automobile engine at age 13!

C.E.T. Master Mechanic Award recipients Dick Hankins and Mary Feik.

Both Dick Hankins and Mary Feik have earned the C.E.T. Master Mechanic Award but they both also continue to promote the proud AMT craft & profession.



PIT Line Maintenance

USAirways AMTs in Pittsburgh Line Maintenance enjoy pizza as they celebrate AMT Day 2008.

AMT Brian Czamble

AMTJohn Przybysz

AMT Charlie Schwartz

AMT Mike VanAuken

AMT Tim McCollam

AMT Paul Heinselman

AMT Mark Barbieri


United Airlines

LAX Line Maintenance

United Airlines AMTs enjoying a bar-b-que served by local management on AMT Day 2008 in LAX.

Western Region Manager of Maintenance - Ross Mudgeway came out at midnight to cook and stayed to cook for day shift.

"The Handsome Chiefs" - L-R Supervisors Manny Lara, Shaukat Kari, Jamie Summers, Ross Mudgway, Glenn Daniels & Bob Brehmer.

Good food on AMT Day for Dale Hutchison.

Manny Laura and Shaukat Kari happily feed the AMTs.

Supervisors Manny Laura and Jamie Summers are "aglow" with Charlie Taylor Day!

Gino O'Donnell with Shaukat Kari.

New Teamster Lead Shp Steward Gino O'Donnell with Shaukat Kari. The generous and hard working Shaukat Kari put in three full shifts behind the grill! At least 24 hours of creating great burgers for the rest of the AMTs. Chopping onions/slicing tomatoes and making sure that there was fresh lettuce. That's the spirit of celebrating AMT Day!

Supervisors Shaukat Kari and Manny Laura work as Chiefs for the Graveyard crew.

Rafael Mejia and Humberto Rodriguez with the crew and two posters in the background.

Tai Tran and Paul Hedman reading literature written by Richard Dilbeck, creator of the first State AMT Resolution in CA in 2002.


Banyan Air Service

The Ft. Lauderdale based FAA and EASA approved repair station, which also holds Argentine, Brazilian and Venezuelan government maintenance approvals celebrated its third annual AMT Day. A luncheon event was organized by Banyan's DOM Dave Valenta and Quality Assurance Manager Lou Homsher. Both Lou and Dave spoke to the AMTs about the Banyan culture and how teammate opinions and ideas are listened to and incorporated. Banyan CFO Jim Barcel also spoke and truly described the meaning behind AMT Day celebrations by saying, "AMT Day is an important day at Banyan because we honor your achievements and safety record. As a technician, you have the ability to affect the lives of others. Therefore, safety always has to be in the forefront of your minds. This is a tremendous responsibility and one that each of you has accepted with dedication and professionalism. Thank you for the excellent work and your commitment to safety."

Banyan teammates take a moment for a group photo before the AMT Day lunch.

AMTs John Gomez and Carlos Orrego are ready to eat during Banyan's 3rd annual AMT Day.

AMT Bill Augustine.

Avionics and Maintenance Teammates enjoying lunch.

Avionics Teammates

L/R AMTs Charlie Amento, Francisco Rodriguez, Paul Wallis and Gustavo Romero.

      Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines dedicated one of their B737s with a decal of Charles E. Taylor to raise awareness of all AMTs. This aircraft will fly for the month of May 2008 with this decal recognizing Charlie and all those who followed behind him.

Southwest Airlines leading the way in promoting Charles E. Taylor and all AMTs to the public.


Baker's School of Aeronautics and the Tennessee Mid-South Aviation Maintenance Conference

AMT Day 2008 was hosted by both organizations in the courtyard at Baker's School of Aeronautics. Around 100 AMTs from Nashville and the surrounding counties attended. Hamburgers, hotdogs, turkey barbques and barbqued bologna was served, along with plenty of side dishes. Everyone was enteretained by the McMurray Blue Grass Band and there were over 40 door prizes given out, including tickets to the Auto Federated Parts 300 Races, overnight stays from local hotels, and even a couple of golf towels from Hooters! Fun was held by all which is what AMT Day is all about! I am sure Charles E. Taylor would agree!

Buffett line full of food and good cheer!

McMurray Blue Grass Band.

Eddie "Grill Master" Baker and daughter Cindy.

Jennifer Baker with Wally Bevan, Nashville FSDO Manager.

L-R Joe Hawkins, Chris Manoloules, Aller Jones.

Joe Hawkins, 2006 National AMT of the Year and the youngest inductee to be going into the Tennessee Hall of Fame this year, Chris Manoloules from Stevens Aviation and Aller Jones who works at the State of Tennessee Hangar.

One of the door prize winners.

Enjoying AMT Day 2008!

Haggan Aviation

Geno Haggan, President of Haggan Aviation located at Centennial Airport in Englewood, CO hosted lunch for his weekend Aircraft Maintenance crew in celebration of Charles E. Taylor - AMT Day on Saturday May 24, 2008. The meal provided by the Perfect Landing Restaurant located at Centennial Airport consisted of 3/4 Lb. cheesburgers with French Fries, potatoe salad and soft drinks. The lunch was topped off with chocolate ice cream sundaes. A program with information on HRES #444 and the history of Charles E. Taylor's many accomplishments followed lunch.


L/R AMTs Jim Schoonover, Joe Leadens, Lonnie Thoms, Chris DesForges and David Schreiner.