Below is a list of passed resolutions that recognize May 24th as Aviation Maintenance Technician Day in honor of Charles E. Taylor. Also listed are resolutions that are in progress of being either introduced or passed. If your State, or country has not passed a resolution and you would like to help have one passed please contact me and I will be happy to help you in the process to have one introduced for your State or country's Government to sign and help achieve the goal of having all 63 United States, Commonwealths, Territories and Countries recognize Charles E. Taylor and today's AMTs.

There is also a drive to have a United States National AMT Day Resolution passed. If you are interested in helping with this please contact me. The more people we have fighting for this National Resolution the quicker it will become a reality!

United States

Alabama : Passed

Alaska : Passed

Arizona : Passed

Arkansas : Passed

California : Passed

Colorado : Passed

Connecticut : Passed

Delaware : In Progress

Florida : Passed

Georgia : Passed

Hawaii : Passed

Idaho : In Progress

Illinois : Passed

Indiana : Passed

Iowa : Passed

Kansas : Passed

Kentucky : Passed

Louisiana : Passed

Maine : Passed

Maryland : Passed

Massachusetts : Passed

Michigan : Passed

Minnesota : Passed

Mississippi : Passed

Missouri : Passed

Montana : Passed

Nebraska : Passed

Nevada : Passed

New Hampshire : Passed

New Jersey : Passed

New Mexico : Passed

New York : Passed

North Carolina : Passed

North Dakota : Passed

Ohio : Passed

Oklahoma : Passed

Oregon : Passed

Pennsylvania : Passed

Rhode Island : Passed

South Carolina : Passed

South Dakota : Passed

Tennessee : Passed

Texas : Passed

Texas Update

Utah : Passed

Vermont : Passed

Virginia : Passed

Washington : Passed

West Virginia : In Progress

Wisconsin : Passed

Wyoming : Passed

Washington DC : Passed


Commonwealth & Territories

Puerto Rico : Passed

Guam : Passed

American Samoa : In Progress

Virgin Islands : Passed

Northern Marianas : In Progress

Federated States Of Micronesia : Passed



Canada: In Progress

Canadian National AME Day Resolution

Australia: In Progress

India: In Progress

France: In Progress

Germany: In Progress

England: In Progress

Italy: In Progress

Japan: In Progress


Resolutions Passed : 52

Resolutions In Progress : 13